On January 3,2020, Shanxi Yuncheng Yumen police issued a letter, continue to offer a reward of 100,000 yuan for two fugitive suspects, Chai Baojun and Xie Liping. However, this issue, in the form of an open letter to the public, and in the shouting of female fugitive Xie Liping, specifically mentioned the previous cause of public concern.


Because it has a similar escape experience, Yuncheng police this time, good words to comfort Liping, do not learn Lao Rongzhi. Perhaps you, like rau rongzhi, have been on the run for 20 years,\" drinking, dancing, dressing, and spending money \", but have you ever thought that your loved ones would suffer \"cold-eyed criticism\" about it.


As soon as this reasonable open letter was issued, it caused widespread concern - persuading Liping to turn herself in with the \"Lao Rongzhi case\" was already quite a point of communication, plus the fact that the face of the previous interpretation of Liping became the focus of a lot of people's attention, which was even more topical.


Earlier, when the case of lao rongzhi first came to the fore, there were articles on the internet that exposed the photos of lao rongzhi, often mixed photos of jie liping and lao rongzhi in their early years.


When I looked at it, I suspected it wasn't the same person. Later, after more accurate information was released, mr. jie's photos began to disappear into the news.


Xie liping was the first to receive attention because of its \"face value \". In November 2019, Yumen Branch of Shanxi's Yuncheng Public Security Bureau issued a reward notice for three people at large, with Xie Liping, one of the three, widely watched for \"face value.\"


Not just Xie Liping. Before that, because \"liquor fraud case\" is wanted by the police Qing Chen Jing Liang, then because of the high Yan value was fired. But in fact, this kind of \"high value\" brought by the rotation of hype, and not much public value can be said, the most is to add some excitement for the public opinion field.


The names and photos of the seven suspects, including Qing Chen Jing Liang, were publicly exposed on November 20. Picture: Mianyang City Public Security Bureau official micro


Now the online circulation of Xie Liping photos, allegedly is wanted before the photo. Xie Liping,52, was born in 1968 in Lanzhou, Gansu province, according to public information. From 1991 to 1993, there was a desire to enter the TV station. Like painting, divorced to study painting Yuncheng. In July 1999, he was chased online on suspicion of intentional homicide.


The scattered information revealed from the information can only depict a vague image of a young woman. The police haven't disclosed the details of her crime.


Yuncheng yumen sub-bureau to jie Liping's \"shouting\" was focused, perhaps with jieliping himself, perhaps with the \"collective creation of an open letter\" form.

  可其公共价值的生成,跟解丽萍的“颜值”无关,更在于这封公开信寓于“感性 理性”之中的社会价值。事实上,当地警方在公开信中,也并未拿“高颜值”说事。

However, the generation of its public value has nothing to do with Xie Liping's \"face value \", but also lies in the social value of this open letter in\" emotional rationality \". In fact, the local police in the open letter, also did not say \"high face \".


According to the new beijing newspaper, yumen bureau officials said that the notice, is a sample of other places to learn the police, issued a \"self-advice book \", also belong to the\" collective creation.\"


Judging by the public-opinion response, the open letter has stirred up a lot of waves, but the widespread dissemination is also skillful: after the release of the wanted notice, the photo of xie liping has been widely concerned and has a certain basis for public communication. Later, her \"influence\" was further expanded in part by the hot push of the rau rongzhi case.


Now, the case of Lao Rongzhi has just come to an end, Yu Wen is still there, and public memory remains. The jie liping and luo rongzhi have been confused with the link, plus the two are women, involved in the case, the same \"fate horizon \", will naturally be\" eye-catching \".


This open letter plays the emotional card. Yumen police not only stand on the high law enforcement platform, to the fugitive justice to persuade him to surrender, but more \"human\" stand on the fugitive's own position, emotional, reasonable, show the law, grace, with the unfortunate circumstances of their loved ones to influence their guilt, with the good case of the past to encourage them out of the psychological difficulties.


“Both parents in the high hall, but also the family full of hometown ", the Yumen branch of this family card, presumably can really hit the hearts of fugitives. And some know liping photo dissemination power "blessing ", believe this open letter can play a greater public communication value, not only for jie liping, and more in the escape of prisoners to influence.


Of course, we can't rely on a humane open letter to call the fugitives back. Compared to such announcements, it is the \"big data system\" and efficient law enforcement that are more reliable to bring them to justice.


At the end of the day, with the \"lao rongzhi case\" to persuade liping to surrender, the biggest look is not what \"high face\" suspect, but in this way of advice to the law of dissemination skillfully, to the public value unlock.