The original \"moving batch\" area after dredging, the space for withdrawal will become an important part of the national financial science and technology demonstration zone. The reporter learned from the \"two sessions\" of Xicheng District in 2020 that the original Wantong Market, Wanrong Market, Tianhe White Horse Market and other buildings have been unveiled, this year, more market buildings will usher in upgrading. In addition, Xidan business district, big fence business district and other new changes, Xidan business district will adjust the format in the next few years, more introduction of leisure, culture, sports and other industries.


In 2019, Xicheng District's GDP is expected to reach 450 billion yuan, an increase of 6 percent, district-level general public budget revenue of 100 million yuan, an increase of%, per capita disposable income of 10,000 yuan, an increase of 108.9 billion yuan in total retail sales of consumer goods, and a steady and healthy economic and social development, said Sun Shuo, head of Xicheng District, at the 7th meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Xicheng District of Beijing on January 5.


Last year, Xicheng's financial sector revenue was expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan, an increase of 12%, a total profit of 400 billion yuan, an increase of 25% and a solid dominant position in the financial sector, Mr. Sun said. The state-level Jinke New Area has attracted 47 key financial technology enterprises, including China Securities Information and Mutual Assistance, with a registered capital of more than 70 billion yuan and a total of more than 100 financial technology enterprises.


In January 2019, the State Council, in its Approval of the Comprehensive Pilot Work Program for Promoting the Expansion and Opening of the Beijing Service Industry, explicitly proposed the construction of a \"national financial science and technology demonstration zone,\" marking the formal incorporation of the construction of the Beijing financial science and technology and professional service innovation demonstration zone into the national strategy. The \"moving batch\" area, located outside the west, will also be used to develop the financial technology industry after the 2017 dredging.


Li Yunwei, deputy commander-in-chief of the Beijing Xicheng District Construction Command, said that at present, Wantong Financial Center (formerly Wantong Market, May 31,2019), Jingyan Rongyuan (August 20,2019) has completed the renovation and officially operated; Qi Anxin Headquarters Building (formerly Wanrong Market), North Mining Financial Science and Technology Building (formerly Tianhe White Horse Market) has been fully unveiled; and the New Power Jinke Center (formerly Shida Building) has completed the facade.


This year, Xicheng will speed up the construction of \"Jinke New District \", focusing on regional high-quality development work, and make every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of business patterns. To promote the upgrading of the new Jinke Centre and the Beijing Financial Science and Technology Centre (formerly the Tianle Market of the Century) in the 100 000 sq.m core area, including the Chi Anxin Group Headquarters, the North Mining Finance and Technology Building, and the New Capital Financial Science and Technology Innovation Service Demonstration Park (formerly the New Metropolitan Hotel).


At the same time, we will continue to optimize and beautify the roads and surrounding environment of the West Outer South Road, gradually complete the transformation of basic pipelines such as water, electricity and heating networks in the region, optimize traffic organization, set up slow-moving systems as well as landscape, lighting and greening in public areas, and speed up the greening of central gardens to achieve the overall improvement of the region.


In addition, the West Gate area will undergo transformation and upgrading, and the buildings such as the Sugar Tower, the Jinmao Building and the West Ring Square will be upgraded, and the introduction of regional industries will be strengthened.


Last year, Xicheng's business service industry grew steadily, with total retail sales of consumer goods estimated at 108.9 billion yuan per cent, and exports at 123 billion yuan, up 10%, said Yuan Li, Secretary for Commerce of Xicheng District.


Xidan area is one of the famous commercial circles in Xicheng District. Yuan Li said that the Xidan business district promotion plan is in-depth improvement, this plan will involve Xidan business district positioning, business patterns, landscape and environment. \"We want to guide companies through policies to make more adjustments to leisure, sports, culture, health and so on.\" Mr Yuan said the previous survey had found that the retail and catering industries in the business district could meet their needs, but there was still a gap between sports, culture and other business circles.


In addition, it will strengthen the linkage upgrade of Xidan and financial street business district, improve the level of public supporting consumption in financial business office area, and create high quality shopping, party and leisure destination.


The reconstruction of the national high-grade commercial pedestrian street will continue to be promoted. The plan, which includes optimizing the logo navigation system in the large fence business district, building a cultural display courtyard, and creating a \"symbiotic hospital \", is expected to be completed in 2022.


In the past two years, Xicheng has explored a one-store, one-strategy way to guide the right anmen wangfujing shopping center, tianhong department store, xinhua department store and other transformation into a community-based shopping center, speed up the supply-side structural reform of urban commerce, the model gradually matured, and achieved multiple sales growth.


At present, Xicheng District has included three pilot projects of \"one shop, one policy\" transformation at the municipal level, of which, after more than eight months of renovation, Changan Mall has reopened its business at the end of last year, with a layout of 14 kinds of functions related to community life (fresh, catering, life, health, entertainment), and has been comprehensively upgraded to a community exquisite living center with \"excellent products, excellent price and excellent service \".


Next, Baisheng Shopping Center will docking financial street and other peripheral consumer demand, business and brand adjustment and upgrading to better serve the financial street high-quality life supporting needs. As an important commercial cultural landmark in Beijing, Xidan Mall is conducting in-depth market research and reconstruction project design.


At the same time, Xicheng has built and renovated 48 convenient commercial outlets such as vegetable retailing and convenience stores, and 10 people's living service centers, adding 10 small supermarkets, of which 37 new life service outlets have been linked to 100%.


By the end of 2019, Xicheng's basic convenience commercial service function community coverage reached 100%, a total of more than 3500 convenient commercial outlets of all kinds and 50 people's living service centers were built, and the convenience and service quality of residents'consumption were continuously improved.


This year, xicheng will build and upgrade convenient commercial service network 40, people living service center 5. At the same time, efforts will be made to promote the continuous upgrading of the life service industry to high quality and diversity, and 55 people's life service centers will be built in the region by 2020, of which 15 will be selected as the \"third space\" for the first batch of community life.


● Taking into account various factors, the main expected targets for the region's economic and social development this year are: an increase of about 6 per cent in the region's gross domestic product; an increase of about 2 per cent in the general public budget at the district level; a basic synchronism between the per capita disposable income of the residents and economic growth; and a control of the urban registered unemployment rate within%.


● In 2020, Xicheng District will speed up the construction of "Jinke New District" at the national level. Launched 100 000 square meters of core area upgrade building space, the introduction of 20 iconic financial technology institutions, the launch of 20 low-efficiency building retreat and business upgrading.