Guo Xiangdong was elected deputy to the National People's Congress, and won the national model workers and other honors. He is in charge of the dongzhao changtai group co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as \"dongzhao changtai \"), but also five times among the\" top 500 private enterprises in china.\"


The person subjected to breach of faith refers to the person subjected to the obligation established by the effective legal instrument who has the ability to perform, commonly known as \"Lai Lao \". A lot of people are disgusted by the change of tone of talk.


Ironically, Guo Xiangdong, who is in his heyday in 2017, is still asking businesses to jointly punish \"rascals.\" Now he and mr dong are mired in it.


In august 2015, dong zhao changtai said li qiong was suspected of occupying his office and asked li qiong to send 2 million yuan to the company as a guarantee of his innocence.


Then Li Qiong transferred 2 million yuan to the company account, but Dongzhao Changtai still reported Li Qiong to the Xicheng Branch Bureau of the Beijing Public Security Bureau for duty encroachment. After preliminary examination by the Xicheng District People's Procuratorate of Beijing, it was found that Li Qiong did not have the act of duty encroachment, but Dongzhao Changtai had illegally occupied Li Qiong's 2 million yuan without returning it.


In 2017, the Beijing Xicheng District People's Court ruled that the defendant, Dongzhao Changtai Group Co., Ltd., must refund Li Qiong an improper profit of 2 million yuan within seven days from the effective date of the judgment.


But Dongzhao Changtai doesn't plan to pay back the money. To this end, Dongzhao Changtai appealed to the Beijing No.3 Intermediate People's Court, but the results of the second instance still upheld the original judgment. To this end, dong zhao changtai and guo xiangdong have been issued consumer restrictions, so far has not been lifted.


According to Dongzhao Changtai official website, Dongzhao Changtai Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned shares in the mixed ownership of modern enterprise group. The company's industry covers construction, real estate development, financial investment, industrial introduction, medical health and mining, and has been among the \"top 500 private enterprises in China\" five times, ranking 15th in the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing in 2017.


Guo Xiangdong, chairman of Dongzhao Changtai, has been elected deputies to the Tenth and Eleventh National People's Congress, and has successively won honors such as the National Model Worker and the National May 1 Labor Medal.


In 2012, dongzhao changtai group, which has been established for less than six years, had a total revenue of more than 19 billion yuan.\" In the next five years, guo xiangdong said in an interview with the chongqing daily:\" in the next five years, cultivate 10 listed companies with equity or holding, and form a cluster of listed companies with a wide range of businesses.\"


In recent years, dongzhao changtai frequently used the capital stock of fuling mustards to transfusion other subsidiaries, a former employee at dong changtai told china newsweek that dong changtai has had a tough few years and has had to move to fill the gap.


Public information shows that dong zhaochangtai was the end of 2007 into fuling mustard. At the end of 2007, Fuling mustard increased its capital, and Dongzhao Changtai was selected as the object of the capital increase, eventually obtaining a registered capital contribution of 10,000 yuan for Fuling mustard, with a total price of about 36.44 million yuan. As of 2010 Fuling mustard officially landed A shares, Dongzhao Changtai's stake diluted to%.


Fuling's performance after the listing can be described as good, from 2015 to the first three quarters of 2018, its net profit growth rate of%,%,61%,%, respectively, can be called sustained high growth. Opened in 2010, the price of fuling mustards was about 140 yuan, up more than fivefold in 10 years.


Although the performance of fuling mustard all the way up, but dong zhao changtai does not seem to plan to hold long-term, on july 13,2012, dong zhao changtai by agreement to transfer its share of the company to its holding subsidiary beijing first construction engineering co., ltd., when the discount transfer caused a market to speculate on the transfer of benefits. On july 25,2012, after the transfer of interest was completed, dong zhao changtai's share of the company changed from% to%.


After several cuts, as of the end of 2012, mr. dong held ten thousand shares of fuling mustard, or% of the total share capital, but remained a controlling shareholder with more than 5%.


In july 2015, the china securities regulatory commission's \"notice of investigation\" spread some of dong zhao changtai's small movements into the sun. According to the Fuling mustard announcement, Dongzhao Changtai was decided by the Securities Regulatory Commission to file an investigation into the sale of 10,000 shares, or% of the company's total share capital, from April 14 to May 28 of that year, involving a total of about 100 million yuan.


The sfc issued a fine of $9.5 million for dong zhao changtai and $0.4 million for guo xiangying and $60,000 for zhou yaping, the person in charge. Therefore, guo xiangying resigned as director of fuling mustard.


Deng dan, deputy general manager of chongqing sales department of hualong securities, once told the media:\" dong zhao changtai greatly exceeded the sfc's red line, not ruled out malicious acts, unlike some companies because of negligence slightly across the red line.\"


Dong dengxin, director of the financial research institute at wuhan university of science and technology, has had a similar voice, saying that sometimes large shareholders are unaware that they have cut their holdings over the red line and that there are wise reasons for committing the crime.


It can be said that since the beginning of Fuling mustard market to now, Dongzhao Changtai almost every year to do reduction. As of 2018, Dongzhao Changtai had accumulated about 100 million yuan in stock in Fuling mustard, according to the Upstream News Chongqing Business Daily.


Between February 27 and March 28, Mr Tung lost 6.36 million shares in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange through a centralized bidding exercise, down by% and% after changes in equity. After less than three months, dong zhao changtai again reduced its holdings, and on may 15,2019, it reduced its stake in the company by bulk trading, or% of its total share capital. After the change in equity, dong zhao changtai and its co-actions beijing yijian, beijing jiangong yijian held a total of ten thousand shares of the company, accounting for% of the total share capital.


According to dong zhao changtai official website, dong zhao changtai shares 22 companies, including fuling mustard, beijing yijian, beijing yijian, chongqing yijian, dongtaihua an investment co., ltd., but did not announce its performance.


Since august 2019, beijing and chengdu have each ruled against guo xiangdong and a number of companies under his leadership. China newsweek has noted that during the same period, dong changtai dong's team has been replaced frequently and seven people have left, including director kang fangzhen and zhang hanwen, chairman of the board of supervisors lou jinsheng and others.


In December 2019, the Beijing No.3 Intermediate People's Court announced the execution order, with Dongzhao Changtai and two subsidiaries and Guo Xiangdong billion yuan in deposits frozen. Yinding Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. property and corresponding land use rights were seized, auctioned, sold. In addition, the subsidiary company's long Tai up to $100 million accounts receivable are frozen, transferred. The applicant for execution is Xiamen International Bank Beijing Branch.


Sky-eye checks showed that dongzhao changtai's office location,10th floor 1101, no.1 guanghua road, no.5 guanghua road, beijing, was also mortgaged until august 21,2021. It is worth noting that dong zhao changtai's office, the place where the company was registered, was previously mortgaged from 2013 to 2015.


Kai xinbao showed that dong zhao changtai's own risk 40, the associated risk of up to 5819. China newsweek has not received a response from dong zhao changtai at the time of its press release on how it will plan its operations and how to handle the multiple penalty decisions.


Since 2019,264 listed companies have disclosed announcements involving listed companies and their controlling shareholders, actual controllers, subsidiaries and Dong Jiangao, according to incomplete China Securities News statistics. The related reasons include the failure of the relevant subjects to fulfill their payment obligations in time, and the joint guarantee of some main systems.


In July 2019, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a New Credit-Based Regulatory Mechanism, proposing that we should speed up the establishment of rules and regulations and promote the formulation of relevant laws and regulations on the construction of a social credit system. Through various channels and forms, thorough and meticulous to the main body of the market to do a good job of policy propaganda and interpretation. The introduction of the policy also foreshadowed a further strengthening of the regulation of credit markets.