At noon, braised yak gluten, bacon sausages, red sweet potato porridge and other dishes, freshly baked from a farm cottage, to the square table next to a cliff over 3,200 meters above sea level. Xiaojin County, Sichuan Province, Mazu Zhai, blue days such as washing, Yougu new snow, warm winter sun, white clouds seem to be within reach. Zhang Fei, the first secretary of poverty alleviation in Ganjiagou Village, turned on his mobile phone as usual, using a short video to record the scene of \"cloud restaurant\" villagers dining.


This is the 295th video that Zhang Fei has taken in Mazuzhai since the end of 2016. Over the past four years, mr. zhang has watched nearly 20 million more and hundreds of thousands less at home and abroad for each short video, sending the cliff-edge tibetan restaurant, the \"yunduan restaurant \", to sell agricultural products in gangou village, leading to mazuzhai's rural tourism.


“When I came to work here in 2016, there was no full coverage of the Mapuzhai network signal, and a short video often needed to run to the foot of the mountain to deliver, which is now broadcast live at 4,000 meters above the back of the Mapuzhai mountain. Zhang told reporters that in 2018 he filmed a video of villagers eating next to the cliffs of Mazuzhai, a video that had been "accidentally popular" on the internet for just over 10 seconds, with many calling it a "cloud restaurant" and leaving messages hoping to buy produce that villagers had eaten.


At that time, because of traffic inconvenience, in Wenchuan earthquake more than 40 villagers have moved, only 3 villagers live here. And across the mountain ganjiagou village is also located in the hillside, empty ecological agricultural products, but no way to sell. Zhang Fei's short video let the villagers of Mazuzhai stock of bacon sausages were quickly bought by netizens, many Ganjiagou village villagers also by their own agricultural products to sell to Zhang Fei to drum up a \"waist bag.\"


The 2020 Spring Festival will come,\" Cloud Restaurant \"under the eaves of the room, hung with sausage bacon, dried yak meat, dried native chicken, this is the villagers ready to sell the New Year.


The sixties-old Bi Hanzhen and his wife, the earliest villagers in Ganjiagou Village to \"eat crabs,\" sold their produce through Zhang Fei's short video last year. \"We don't have a car of our own, and the dolls are working outside, trying to sell what they have to carry down the mountain, and sometimes waiting on the road for half a day doesn't have to be bought. The Bi Hanzhen family has a kilo of apples left this year, hoping to use Zhang Fei's short video sales.


After lunch, mr. zhang arrived at bihanzhen's house, where several eager neighbors in traditional tibetan robes were helping pack apples. Zhang first shot a short video, then set up a stable bracket, pointed the camera at the courtyard-filled apple, began live broadcast, the peak of 5000 people watching online at the same time. In less than 40 minutes, the first batch of 40 boxes of apples were empty.


Today, ganjiagou village 26 poor families building grade card 109 people have been lifted out of poverty. In order to let more people know about Ganjiagou Village and \"Cloud Restaurant \", Zhang Fei also held several training courses in the village after\" gaining popularity \", patiently teaching villagers to edit, shoot and make short videos. \"When Secretary Zhang just came to the village to make a video, many villagers did not understand and felt that he was not doing his job as first secretary. Liu Bangxian, who first attended the training course, recalled that after Zhang Fei used a short video to sell the agricultural products smoothly, everyone gradually changed their minds and also picked up their mobile phones to record the delicious scenery of their hometown.

  据统计,截至2019年6月,中国短视频用户达到亿人,占网民总数的%,为“短视频 扶贫”模式提供了平台、流量等诸多便利。

According to statistics, as of June 2019, there were 100 million users of short video in China, accounting for% of the total number of Internet users Poverty alleviation \"model provides platform, flow and so on many conveniences.


In recent years, xiaojin county has set up e-commerce service center, e-commerce data center, through the integration of county logistics so that 90% of the village can send and receive express delivery, and xiaojin county has become the first county in aba state to open 5g trial operation. More villagers deep in the mountains, enjoy the Internet dividend, more Tibetans \"cloud restaurant \", known to the outside world.


In 2019, the Internet set up a \"rich Jinqiao\" to help villagers in Ganjiagou Village sell Apple 11000 jin, Matsutake more than 300 jin. Nowadays, villagers are no longer worried about the sale of agricultural products. More than 200 netizens in 2019 to the \"cloud restaurant\" dining, but also let Ganjiagou village villagers have a new vision for the future.


“has a lot of netizens want to travel, but I politely rejected, although in 2018 mazuzhai road hardened, traffic greatly improved, but the top of the reception capacity is still very weak." Zhang said that after the Spring Festival, consider transforming the people's house on the top of the mountain into a panoramic glass house, so that more people can feel the new changes in the village. (end)